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I wrote all of these for the [ profile] femslash100  community on LJ many years ago, in an attempt to give my OTP (and by extension, the series itself) a bit more exposure than what I normally saw out there. Until now I mostly forgot about these after I wrote them, but now I feel I can give them a good showing here...

Title: Apple Juice
Prompt: Challenge #144: Drink
Fandom: Urusei Yatsura
Pairing: Ryuunosuke/Shinobu
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 150
Summary: Shinobu didn't realise how embarrassing a carton of juice could be.

Ryuunosuke forgot her lunch again. )

Title: Ultraman Loves Kamen Rider
Prompt: Challenge #146 - party
Fandom: Urusei Yatsura
Pairing: Ryuunosuke/Shinobu
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
A/N: This refers to UY episode 147, or chapter 251 of the manga.
Summary: Ryuunosuke and Shinobu go to a costume ball...

Ultra-Shinobu leaned up and pressed a kiss on Kamen Ryuunosuke's cheek through their masks. )

Title: Read 'Em and Weep
Prompt: #158: "apology"
Fandom: Urusei Yatsura
Pairing: Ryuunosuke/Shinobu
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
A/N: Refers to the "Blessed Bra" story in both anime (episode 96) and manga (chapters 184 and 185).
Summary: Ryuunosuke wants to say sorry.

Ryuunosuke didn't know how to apologise properly. )

Title: For Cryin' Out Loud
Prompt: 158: "apology"
Fandom: Urusei Yatsura
Pairing: Ryuunosuke/Shinobu
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
A/N: See drabble above.
Summary: Shinobu wants to forgive.

Title: Your Hero
Prompt: #177: vision
Fandom: Urusei Yatsura
Pairing: Ryuunosuke/Shinobu
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Summary: Ryuunosuke wants to protect Shinobu, but does she really need it?

Title: Hang On
Prompt: #188: Escape
Fandom: Urusei Yatsura
Pairing: Ryuunosuke/Benten
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Summary: Benten proves something to Ryuunosuke for their "date"...

In front of her with her hip out and her hair down flowing in the breeze, there was no doubt at all.  )

Title: Fringe Benefits
Prompt: #118: Escape
Fandom: Urusei Yatsura
Pairing: Ryuunosuke/Shinobu
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Summary: Sometimes you can get some nice bonuses with a girlfriend.

Despite it all, Ryuunosuke did like one benefit from dating Shinobu: it mostly got her father off her back. )

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I suppose I should start at the beginning: This week, I managed to finish a online TEFL course that I had done with the company i-to-i, after months of dithering and procrastination. Only a few days later and I find out that the TEFL dispatch company that i-to-i works with as a job placement service has been indulging in quite a few illegal practices, including being found guilty of illegal dispatching in both Tokyo and Osaka.

I went on a chat room (well, it's a MUSH, which is kind of like a MUD except not) that I usually frequent yesterday, and I mentioned this. Now this same chat room, in previous occasions, railed me for my interest in Japanese culture and food, in a way which I can't really seem to understand. Are they really annoyed about my liking for Japanese culture? Well, when I talked about TEFL today, I got people telling me I was better off not going to Japan because I'm apparently such a weeaboo that I would repel them:

"pretty much all the outfits there do not have much respect for those they bring over."

"also, weeaboo thing. Weeding you out would be about as easy as that part in Roger Rabbit where the judge lured Roger out by tapping the first bit of 'shave and a haircut.' 'cept in your case it'd be Yapapa or something. You wouldn't make the first round of cuts."

"They do filter on anime/manga types, because there is a notorious stereotype about these people going to japan to teach english, fucking off on the job because they were there for anime and not actually to teach as primary reason to be in Japan, and end up not respecting their time tables, getting fed up because they didn't get to live near Tokyo/Akiba, etc."

"You are comparing your experience so far with JET programs as being someone who visited disney land fo ra week, not realizing that the people operating the rides for you are all college students wearing Depends because their A: their bathroom's a good 20 minutes walk about B: they have a 10 minute break every 4 hours to use it. FURTHER that person operating the ride had to compete with OTHER college students to even get into thata position that pays so little they're living in the slums an hour away from the magical kingdom, and will happily fire someone the moment god forbid walking around in dirty daipers gives them a raging case of e. coli, because omg such valuable internship opportunity! Incidently, this is an internship opportunity Disney Corp basically sat each and every person down during the prelims BEFORE the actual interviews and said 'do you own more than one Disney video' and rejected everyone, without a second thought, who said 'yes'.

Visiting and living/teaching there are NOT the same."

This is especially ironic that they would damn the Japanese like this, considering that most of the other people in this chat room were taking the names of either anime characters, or characters from Japanese games...

I have no idea what kind of idea warrants this: apparently according to this one person, the very idea that a foreigner would be interested in Japanese things makes them automatically repellent to them, and that the Japanese workplace is apparently going to be inhospitable to me just because I'm foreign. One of the people reccomended teaching in South Korea instead of Japan, even though I read an anecdote that suggests that South Korea's working conditions for English teachers are even worse than Japan's.

I don't know what I've done to suggest to these people that I'm some daydreaming idiot who believes that Japan is the greatest country in the world, or that I have no idea how the world works, but it seems that whenever I talk about anything Japanese that isn't say, playing a video game or watching a movie, I get these people coming down on my head and calling me a weeaboo or a Japanophile and hectoring me.

"Okay. here's the thing. Jet programs/ ran by conservative old guys and constantly being flooded with applications. I know, in your absolutely mind boggling view of the world, that there's nothing wrong iwth being a jawdroppingly dense weeaboo of epic proportions, but they odn't LIKE people like that in japan. they really don't~ It'd be like someone wanting to come to the US for a love of what used to be saturday morning cartoons. Only really, really obsessive and frightning about it. to the point where they can't picture life without their scooby doo pajapamas. So. In a field of applicants of well adjusted college students, a good number of them who just want to teach, and others who actually give a shit about Japan other than their anime and anime culture -- yeah, the weeaboos get doors slammed in their faces.

You are RANK with weeaboo and patheticness. You're competing with people who actually want to do shit with their lives other than curl up in a basement somewhere and watch anime until the rest of the world goes away. You do not stand a chance in hell."

I can see why it pays to have no illusions about whatever foreign country or culture that you're interested in. But most of the time, it seems that I only get people who would prefer people who just endlessly complain about the Japanese, or point their fingers at them and go "HEY EVERYBODY, LET'S ALL LAUGH AT THOSE LOSERS!"

Maybe this view is a little bit black and white, but I do not like being insulted for liking Japanese culture or being the victim of prejudice, just because it is what it is: an interest in a foreign culture.

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So I've now started dieting again. The reasons for this is myriad, but the two major one I can really think of, first of all, is practicality: A couple of years ago I went to Alton Towers, and found out to my horror that I couldn't go on any of the rides because I was too fat for the restraints. After then, I became extremely conscious about how my body size seems to cause me trouble: my first attempt at dieting was joining Weight Watchers a couple of years ago, and was mostly spurred on due to my imminent vacation in Tokyo, because the travel agent was concerned that the seatbelts in the Economy section wouldn't be able to fit me, and thus I wouldn't be able to get on the plane. Add on all of the other times that my large stomach causes me grief, and I decided that was time for a change.

The second, of course, is health: I weighed myself using the digital scales in Boots, and it told me that I weighed almost 30 stone, with a BMI of 54. Even with the inaccuracies that BMI provides, that's still a huge number, and one that I don't feel comfortable with. And with all I hear about how much complications arise as you grow older while still overweight, I feel that I have to start losing weight now, before I find myself suffering from diabetes, or heart disease.

Despite all this, I'm not really dieting to be more attractive: Even as the balloon I currently am, I still think I look rather handsome (or maybe that's just what my grandmother's been telling me)... I don't feel fatphobic, or any actual hatred of my body besides the amount of trouble my body fat causes me. I don't have any aspirations towards the ideal male physique that is constantly seen in magazines. I just really want beds and chairs to stop breaking beneath my weight, and to actually be able to ride Nemesis, or Rita: Queen of Speed.

Let's talk about diets and food more... )
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When it comes to Urusei Yatsura, I think I've said enough that I don't really know if I need to say that my OTP is Ryuunosuke/Shinobu. While I, being the big Ryuunosuke fan that I am, often also pair her with other characters (one of my fanfics that I'm having trouble actually sitting down and writing is a Ryuunosuke/Lum story), most of the time it's with Shinobu. The thing is, that Ryuunosuke and Shinobu have their own love interests at the end of the manga, and no matter how I should feel about the situation, that I should hate Nagisa and Inaba for driving a wedge between these two, I can't really bring myself to do it. I guess all my character hate is either subsumed into other characters, like Ryuunosuke's father, or if I'm just not bothered with hating fictional characters any more, unless they're extremely annoying.

On another note, I think I've managed to put an end to my credit card troubles... )
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Right now, I am in an abnormally huge amount of credit card debt. I have anways been deep in credit card debt at some point ever since I received one, but ever since I graduated, it's been especially rough on me. This year, I resolved to try to combat this in any way I can, so from this month onwards, I have decided to spend my monthly Disability Living Allowance (£267 a month) on my credit cards, plus whatever amount of my Jobseeker's Allowance (£189 every two weeks) I can muster, to try and make a monthly payment of up to £450 or so a month. This means I should be able to fully pay off the balance on my creditcard by July or August at the very least.

In other news, I've just bought a whole ton of kung fu flicks from Amazon, as well as some old Japanese sci-fi DVDs, including the complete series of the original Ultraman. I'm trying to bring a small video review project into fruition, and I'm searching for material I can review, including a whole mess of old anime (which I see few people are actually doing on video right now), strange American films that aren't horror, and the aformentioned Chinese martial arts flicks, especially the Shaw Brothers movies.

Also, I've got a 30-day subscription to World of Warcraft. I may be busy for a while...
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This Is The Key To Victory! My own personal attempt at long form serialised Urusei Yatsura fanfiction, updated whenever I get the will to write something. It's slightly inspired by a certain Ranma 1/2 fanfic, which posited the idea of what the series might have been like if Ranma and Akane started off on better terms than they did in canon. So my version is basically "What if Lum faced Ryuunosuke in the Tag Race, and subsequently got herself engaged to her?"

Just as a rule of thumb as to where I'm going for this, I've taken inspiration from [personal profile] skye on the idea of Ryuunosuke being asexual, and I'm running with it, making her a romantic asexual who falls in love with Lum (and gains her own minor harem, but that's a horse of a different colour). The problem is, I haven't get any idea how to write an asexual. If there are romantic asexuals, who would you write them falling in love? Would you be able to write them falling in love, without compromising the idea that they're asexual?

Another thing: Fred Herriot, writer of Urusei Yatsura The Senior Year, just wrote a review for it: "LOL! Poor Ryû-chan! Will Lum EVER get a clue?"


Which reminds me to maybe start planning out my idea for the big "critical analysis of The Senior Year" thing that's been festering in the back of my mind since I seriously started trying to read that fanfic...
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  • Try to save more money, and not spend so much.

  • Work more on my writing, including starting an analysis of the Senior Year.

  • Learn to draw.

  • Work on my ideas for computer games.

  • Learn a programming language.

  • Try to eat less delivered Pizza.

  • Try to get a girlfriend.

  • Look for a job.

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Also known as Gas! or It Became Necessary To Destroy The World In Order To Save It.

I think there is one scene in this movie that perfectly encapsulates the feeling that this film engenders within myself.

Early on in the film, the two lead protagonists leave Dallas to roam, and every other scene there is a shot of roadside signs reading "VISIT THE ORACLE, FIND THE ANSWER". As these signs keep cropping up throughout the movie, it's not too much of a stretch to believe that these guys are making their merry way to find this Oracle, and the answer it provides, meeting weird people and getting involved in strange situations.

About an hour into the film, our heroes find the Oracle. Or, to be more exact, a massive message scrawled on one of the biggest rocks: THERE IS NO ANSWER BUT KEEP LOOKING -- THE ORACLE.

A long excursion with some kind of a point that turns out to be utterly worthless. That is Gas-s-s-s in a nutshell.

But wait! There's more! )
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I've just got the local electronics store, a Comet, on the phone to me today. I've managed to score my first actual job interview! Right now I'm doing some research, in order to show the recruiters that I am able to take on the job, and I know what kind of animal the store is about. But still, this is my first shot at actually earning myself an actual salary! I have to get ready for it!

And I've also just finished the first season of Babylon 5, after viewing almost one disc every day. I think Londo Mollari is a brilliant character, funny and tragic in places, and I now have a habit of thinking in his voice, partly due to the fact that one of my Nanowrimo novel's characters is partly inspired by Londo. I'm also rather inspired by how the series shows space combat, by mostly adhering to a model of space flight that is reasonably close to real life. so now, alongside me trying to download and watch episodes of SG-1, I'm also waiting for my next payment to get Babylon 5 Season 2 on DVD. Now if only SG-1 were as easy to find on DVD as Babylon 5 is...
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Would there be any communities where I can find beta readers to go through my novel, chapter by chapter, and help me iron out any flaws? I would think that my story, because of how Nanowrimo is done, would be in sore need of somebody to browse through it when I'm done.
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I suppose that the first thing that I should talk about is Nanowrimo. Specifically, that I am participating. It's actually been a lot easier on me than I had thought, mostly because I am also in November's One Month Challenge at, which means that I pretty much have to write at least 750 words every day. I was hoping that the site would have had a feature that was mentioned in their blog, where they told you when you reached the Nanowrimo daily average of 1667 words.

However, it hasn't stopped me in the slightest: I now have 32,845 words, which means that I'm almost over half the way to the word count target. The problem is, who do I show it to when I'm finished. It's an Urusei Yatsura fanfic, but it's more like the fanfic to a bloated crossover of UY, Ikkitousen, Ranma 1/2, Harry Potter and Stargate SG-1... And almost none of the characters in those series appear in this story at all! I suppose that anyone who has any knowledge of any of those series could have a look at it, if just to help me find errors in spelling or continuity.

In other news, I have bought the first season of Babylon 5 on DVd, and I'm currently watching through it now. Londo Mollari is already my favourite character. I'm also beginning on my Macross boxset, just to get my fill of space opera...
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I know I haven't posted much to this thing, but I'm very deep in a whole lot of crap right now, mostly the fault of my grandmother, and i'm currently preparing for an impeding job interivew that's happening tomorrow afternoon in Birmingham, whihc will hopefully enable me to break free from my grandmother's grasp for the time being.

As you imagine a lot of things have changed since I last posted. )
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I really want to get a whole load of money together, seek out all of the best artists open for commissions on DeviantART, and have them draw pictures of Ryuunosuke from Urusei Yatsura... Just so I can sumbit her for an entry on

It is my sincere wish that soon anime fans will only remember Urusei Yatsura for nothing but Lum, Ataru and Ryuunosuke... And Ryuunosuke's sexy self whould be ahead of the pack.

And then... I'll make people only remember Love Hina because of Motoko.

It can happen!
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Today's the day I'm going back to Southampton, to finish the last of my university assignments, and spend a week and a bit hanging around. While I feel some relief in being able to go back to the place I've always liked, especially as it's as far away from my grandma without having to cross an ocean, I do feel a hint of nervousness and melancholy, especially as I'm also going back to see if my friends are still around...
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On the list of things I've done for fanfiction, I hardly think that trying to seek out a very mediocre magical girlfriend manga series is the worst that I've done, especially since it's a manga that is long out of print, and whose English translation was stopped before the last two volumes of the manga could be released, resulting in a manga that has no ending...

But it may rank somewhere way up there.

Frankly, considering the fact that Kurumi actually presses some of my buttons (fantastical locations, martial arts, flagrant abuse of Far Eastern and Christian symbolism, holistic magitech), I would ignore it completely. But something always seems to make me come back to it, time and again. And discovering cheap copies on the Amazone market place is a hell of a place to start.

Also hardly expected myself to be reading a Blue Beetle III/Robin III fic either...
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Well, I guess I should say something about what I've been doing for the past week.

Last week my tenancy on the house I was living in for my final year at Southampton Solent University ran out, and I had to move out of the house. I had bought a flight ticket to Tokyo months earlier, to spend a couple of months, and maybe find a job there. Sadly, it was not to be: thanks to my grandma insisting I not book anything until right before I was to leave, and my own pigheadedness, neither of us could afford accommodation in Tokyo.

And then came when I was to leave. I had booked a "Man and a Van Service", who would take me and my things, including my clothes, game consoles, TV and computer, and ship them up to my grandmother's house in Worcester for me for £125. My grandma had booked her "friends" in a local taxi service to come down to Southampton, pick up me and my computer, and drive back to Worcester for £300.

Sadly, the man and a van never came, and I found myself stuffed into a mini-bus like taxi with all belongings, and £300 poorer, followed by my grandma's living room being taken over with all my stuff.

And then I discovered the radiator in my bedroom ruptured sometime around Christmas, covered the carpet and futon with water, and basically destroyed them both with mould by the time I arrived.

Now I'm sleeping in guest houses, desperately trying to claim Jobseeker's Allowance (and having delayed, because of my grandma OF COURSE being my appointee, despite being unable to walk more than two steps without grabbing on to something), finally getting around to doing my TEFL course, and get a flat of my own to be able to set myself free once again.

Preferably, this flat would be inside Southampton...
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So where do I go to bug somebody to draw a comic for me? I have a good understanding of comic book scriptwriting!
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I'm struck with the greatest, most horrible idea for the guys who would end up being surrounded by fans of this show, who would probably go out and join the droves to watch this tripe, that just hearing the reviews about makes me want to turn into a Marxist.

Tell everybody that you ship Charlotte/Miranda.

I'm serious here.

What could be more transgressive, and resistant to the stagnating tide of Carrie and chums' popularity than announcing to the world about how Charlotte and Miranda are so perfect for each other, and how they want to raise their kids together in a little cottage as wife and wife? It's the perfect crime!

Or maybe I'm just overthinking this...
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